Thursday, November 27, 2008

PEPES AYAM ( Steam Chicken wrapped in banana leaves )

This November 'Masak Bareng' menu is Pepes Ayam or steamed chicken wrapped in banana leaves.

The event is hosted by Dheeta and friends.
I am not good at cooking but I tried to make this pepes my way, as I don't really know how to make it. But luckily my son like it. So here is the recipe...
Ingredients :
Chicken fillet
Banana Leaves
Daun Salam ( salam leaves)
Ground Spices :
Chili (optional) --- I don't use it
salt and sugar to taste
How to make :
- cut chicken in cubes, blend with the ground spices.
- Put 2 spoonfull of the chicken to banana leaves, add lemongrass and salam leaves
- Steam about 30 minutes and serve hot.
I grill the pepes after steamed to make it tastier.
You may serve it with sayur asam and since this pepes is for my children I do not add chili in it so I just serve with sambal belacan.


Simple projects

I don't know, it's looks like I am in knitting and crochet blue ...
Just do these simple and easy to do crochet and two tote bag for friends.

This square is as a pattern tester for Thata. And as always, her design is beautiful and you have to read the pattern carefully. I love this pink and green colour, looks georgeous in my eyes.
I use ICT ( INdonesian Cotton Thread ) and 3mm chochet hook.

Above is a headband, since my son refused to be my model (LOL) I took the picture with my hubby's golf ball which are scattered arround in the yard.

The pattern is from here. It should be a bookmark but mine is too big cause I use bigger yarn, so I made it to a headband.

Those two totebags are for Evi who will go back to Jakarta and for Vina who will move to Perth this December. Please use them as a grocery bag instead of the plastic one.

It's machine applique and hand embroidery. And also my 'Handmade by Hernik' brand at the back, it's machine embroidery.

The last one is hat. Few weeks ago my friends in DC groups displayed all the hats they'd made this year. That made me want to make one too. So here it is....

Thanks to be my model Ahmed... it's too big though...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trip to Melaka

Yesterday, November 19, we Pengajian WIATMI++ Kuala Lumpur had trip to Melaka.

It was so nice that we can go with our friends... and my hubby was so kind to me, he picked up the children and be at home with them, thanks a lot.....

Here are the pictures from yesterday, just enjoy...