Thursday, December 25, 2008

Soto Padang

December 'Masak Bareng YUk ' event is Soto Padang.

I don't remember when was the last time I have this menu, maybe since 1993 when I visited Bukit Tinggi. It's just I prefer Soto ayam or Soto Lamongan better than this.

Actually I am not sure if this is the correct soto Padang. But I got the recipe from "Seri Masak Femina PRIMARASA" so I am a bit confident to post this.

Here is the recipe (I copied from the book)


Ingredients :

400 gram beef
2000 ml water
1 tsp salt
5 kaffir lime leave
2 lemongrass
2 salam leaves
1 1/2 cm ginger
1 cm galangal
1/2 nutmeg, 5 cloves, 5 cm cinamon
spring onion
glass noodles (I don't use it)
Potatoes - boiled and dice
fried shallot, and shrimp crackers

Ground spices : 10 shallot, 4 garlic, 2 chilies, 1 cm turmeric, salt and pepper to taste
Method :
Boil beef with salt, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, salam leavs, ginger, galangal, nutmeg, cloves, and cinamon until tender.
Slice the beef thinly and fried until crispy ( I cheated --- I used ready made crispy beff from Pelita Nasi Padang)
Fry the ground spice until fragrant and add to the stock.
Add spring onion and serve hot.
I serve it with rice cube and this 'kampung crackers' since I can not find the 'kerupuk merah'


Blue baby hat

This blue baby hat was made for one of my friend who just has a baby girl.

I plan to make a pair of booties to comlete it.
It's just simle crochet with sc, dc and shell stitch, using 'Four Season - Cotton quick' yarn in blue and blend colour, and hook no 4.

Update : the booties finished, using Indonesian Cotton Thread blue and white, and hook no 4

The pattern is from Thata's book second edition, Crochet for Baby.

For those who wants to know more about the thread and other Indonesian yarn please email me.