Thursday, April 26, 2007

Basic Crochet Lace

I post this for those who wants to learn basic crochet. It's complete with the name, the abbreviation, the symbol and how to do it.

Hope it'll help.

- chain stitch (ch)
- single crochet (sc)

- half double crochet

- double crochet (dc)
- slip stitch (sl st)

- treble crochet (tr)

- 3-double crochet cluster
(3-dc cluster)
- 3-double crochet increase
(3-dc inc)
- 3-double crochet puff
(3-dc puff)
- 3-chain picot
(3-ch picot)
- 5-double crochet popcorn
(5-dc popcorn)

- 2-single crochet cluster
(2-sc cluster)
- 3-single crochet cluster
(3-sc cluster)
- 2-single crochet increase
(2-sc inc)
- 3-single crochet increase
(3-sc inc)
- raised double crochet
on front side
- raised double crochet
on back side
How to increase 1 square
more than 2 squares
Taken from : Ondori : My Crochet Lace by Y. Suzuki.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Green and Fresh Al Qur'an bag

Inspire by "Life with Motif" book, I choosed this green and greenblend yarn for my small Al Qur'an bag. The pattern is simple just dc for the body bag and handle and popcorn stitch for the upper edge.

I made six dc for this popcorn stitch. Looks cubby...ha..ha..ha...

O ya... this bag is also my first project in using two colour of yarn to perform the motif. Well it's just check pattern but I learned how to change colour in a row. The right picture show how to do it.

And I put these three leftover white flower for 'pemanis'....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank You Yenny....

Thank you Yenny, please do not worry, I received the package already....

Yenny tried to surprise me by sending this without saying anything... Well I was surprise... I received it before I read her e-mail. The postman told me that he've come to my apato last week but no body home. Of course... we were in Indonesia and my hubby was in his office.

Yenny, I like the yarn, especially the pink one !! I'll try to make a bag - a cable bag - like Thata's. I never knit using this kind of yarn, I think I'll need to buy the new needle to match the yarn size.

But manything queuing on my to do list....he..he..he....

Benang dan pita

Thata is the one you have to call when you're in Surabaya...!!!
And so I did called her. And the picture above is the result. I have a bag full of thread.....!!!!
They are awesome, really beautifull.... can wait to make something from them.

So I am doing granny square from the rayon cotton, green, gold, orange and pale yellow.
The thread are so soft and shinny... but one square is just about 4 x 4 cm, well it's depend on the pattern actually....

I also received package from mbak Wiwiek in Jakarta. It was some ribbon and two books of ribbon embroidery, and three kerudung. Thanks mbak Wiek, they are q ing in my to do list already, he..he..he...

Oleh oleh mudik

Visiting my hometown for 10 days.... wow...I discover that my mother's house is full of her crochet project. Yes... she is a crochet expert, she even sold them when I was a kid. And when I ask her how she did it ? where are the pattern ? she just said, I don't have pattern, I just do it.

She made many kind of stuff like cushion cover, doily, table runner, shawl, and this small 'kendi' cover. But now as she getting old she can not do crochet like she used to be.

But at least I still can found her masterpiece at home.

Here are some of them.....