Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Last week I was tagged by Elveera in this event .. Around The World Blog Hop ...
Sounds interesting, but I said that my blog is not active, I did not updated it for months ..
She said it's OK, this is your chance to reactivate the blog ... oh well .. she's right ..

Thanks to Elveera - Phiphi - for tagging me ..

So  The rule for this blog hop is simple, you just have to answer these 4 questions ... *it's not that simple for me ... huhuhu ...*

1. What am I working on ?

Oh well .. I am a person who want to do a lot of things ... 
I always have more than one project .. eerrr .. one crochet, one knitting, one quilting, one sewing ... hahaha  ...
These are my WIP for the moment :

1. Gryffindor shawl for my son

He will have hallowen party at school the end of this month, and the teacher said that this year the house will be like in Harry Potter's school. And he will be in Gryffindor's house, so he ask me to knit this shawl .... 

2. Ginko shawl

This shawl is actually the KAL project with Indonesian knitter for last month, since I was doing my Haruni shawl I didn't start casting on until my Haruni was finish, so while all my friends are finish their project, I just started it ... and now, doing my son's shawl make me pending  this ginko again ... 

3. Sewing Project collaborating with friend

My friend and I have a dream to compose a craft book, and we working hard on it. Sorry can not tell now, just hope that we can make our dream come true..

4. and some other projects that I almost forget hahaahha ....

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre ?

I think my works are not as different with others, I don't have a signature art work or any specialties.
I like simple design, bright colors ..

3. Why Do I Create What I do?

Why ? the answer is definitely because I like it ... I like what I am doing ..
I enjoy the process of choosing design, material and happy when it's done ... 
For these past 8 years I often give my handmade as a gift for friend, they know it's my handmade, they like it and I am even happier when they like what I made.

My friends knew me as a crafter, they always ask if I made the stuff myself, even if it's look impossible for me to make it they always ask ... do you make it yourself ? hahaha ...

4. How Does My Creative Process Work ?

Usually it starts with a specific purpose, for example I want to make a blanket as a gift for a friend's newborn baby or I want to make a bag for my son's art equipment.
So I have to decide what color to choose, what material to use, what type of design and sometimes just follow my mood.

It's not that easy though, choosing color and design may take days to decide as I have a medley of different types of fabric and yarn. 
I always want to do my best, and try to finish the project as soon as possible .. even though  some of it may be postponed due to another new project I have to finish first.

Sometimes I make my own design, for this process I make the design first, and look for the material, comparing here and there, adding this and adding that ... I really like this process .. although sometimes it's very frustrating also  ...

Well ... that's about me and my hobby.. 

It's my turn to tag my creative friends now ... 
who will it be ? I did not visit any blogs recently, ever since there is Facebook I am more active in facebook rather than in blog.

But I try to tag these very talented ladies to joint the fun..

1. Thata Pang of Dinamic Crochet. She is one of my teacher and my inspiration. She can do almost everything ... 

2. Kenti in Needlenoodle .. she is my best friend .. always work hard and very creative lady ..

3. and ... mbak Dini of Capung Mungil, she is a very talented lady .. I always enjoy her creative design and artwork.

Let's hear their story next Monday ...

Have a nice weekend ...

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hellooo ...

it's been months since my last post on in blog ..
What am I doing all this time ? Well I did some handmade stuff but mostly just busy with daily activities.

Ramadhan, Raya,School holidays .. busy ..busy .. busy ..

But ... I manage to finish all these until last September ..

It's Haruni Shawl ... lace knitting 
Using Nako yarn and 4mm sircular needle

Casting on Gingko shawl .. not finish yet 

Blocking doily 

Haruni shawl again

My pattern for glass cozy .. interesting ?

I also volunteering in teaching craft for Indonesian worker in shelter KBRI, here is one of their work, a handphone case made from scrap. 

Bag ... !! Finally took a course for bag making at Subang ...

Baby Blanket for friend ... 

Table runner for friend who move to Jakarta
Jelly roll bali batik

this one is a caterpillar costume for my bestfriend's son for his performance at school

Have a nice weekend ...