Monday, July 23, 2007

I hang my needle for a while....

Hello you there.....

I don't do either knitting or crochet these days for these two books.
Have you received the latest copy of Harry Potter book ?
Well I am not that young anymore but I am the Harry Potter fans all the time.
I still enjoy and courius for the story, this wizarding world are always amaze me... he..he..he..
Here is the article I received last Friday from the Lion Brand :

Knitting Needles and Broomsticks

Some of us in the knitting world will wait to read the new Harry Potter book. We will turn the heel and Kitchener the toe. We will finish those socks. And wait for the moment when our offspring finish reading the very last page and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows becomes ours.
We knitters are good at waiting
Some of us will throw frugality to the wind and buy our own copy. We will join the race. To be in the know. Devouring the book of the moment. The book everyone in the world is talking about.
And we who have followed Harry Potter’s development from the scruffy young outcast of 4 Privet Drive to the hope of the wizarding world, well, we really want to know what will happen next to Harry, our Harry. My goodness, we’re knitters. We care about him. We totally understand Molly Weasley knitting for Harry. Wouldn’t any of us worth our stash find a way to make something warm and comforting for such a noble orphan?
However we acquire the book, once we began to read it and put ourselves in to the hands of the ultimate story teller, we know where we will be. Inside the world of magic and danger. Many of us will be so involved in the story that we may not even knit while we read. Right. Admit it. You can be honest with me.
And while we are engrossed in what we have been told is the very final book of the series, our knitting antennae will be up. We’ll be looking for the moments when our universe, the knitting universe, collides unexpectedly with the wizarding world. It has happened in all of the Harry Potter books. I think the knitting references in the Potter books are a kind of wink to us, the corps of needle-wielding armchair adventurers. An acknowledgment of our world.
In the last book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Albus Dumbledore, the esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry excuses himself to visit the ‘loo.’
He’s in there a very long time and when he returns his host asks Dumbledore if he had an upset stomach.
Do you remember his reply?
“No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines,” said Dumbledore. “I do love knitting patterns…”
Of course. We Harry Potter readers knew that Dumbledore was fond of thick wool socks, but how thrilling for those of us who knit to learn that the most venerable and noble wizard of all times shared our delight in knitting patterns.
Mrs. Weasley and Hagrid are knitters. Hermione knit for house elves. But Dumbledore loving knitting patterns was, well to this knitter, almost magical. It was so good to know that about Albus. Before he lost his final battle. We who knit and read will miss him forever.
What will there be for us Muggle knitters in this new Harry Potter?
A great read. And perhaps something more. Another glimpse of charmed knitters in enchanted places.
What makes the Harry Potter books so wonderful is what takes us by surprise. What will there be for us is surely something wildly original. And as long as needles are clicking in the wizarding world, we may feel certain that the forces of good and light will win.
Oh... I do enjoy reading it, today I just past chapter fourteen, I still do not know why Snape killed Dumbledore. Professor Snape is one of my favorite caracter in this story, I don't beleive he could kill Dumbledore. I just thing that he is a double agent, He was just joint the dark Lord to destroy him.
We'll see ... I 'll tell you how's the end of the story when I finish it.
Now, about the other book, Friday Night Knitting Club....
It's the book about the knitting club in the yarn shop in New York and the story about the member of the club.
I haven't finished it yet, not as excited as reading Harry Potter book.
Bye now... Hermione is waiting.....

Cable Sun Glasses Case - book Project

This is another project I made for the book project.

As a beginner I made a small and simple cable case for my sun glasses.
It's only knit and purl and the cable stitch.

And I add a running stitch to the left and right of the cable for combination.

I use local Malaysian wool yarn which for me it is not good. And rayon cotton from Surabaya for the running stitch.

Pink Doily - for book project

Finnaly I finished this doily for book project with my friends.

But gosh.... why is it so hard to make a pattern from it. We use to make the project from the pattern, but since this is for the book which must be my own creation so I just do it, but when the time to write the pattern come .... o..o... it's so difficult.....
Well I hope I can finish the pattern tomorrow, and send the to Fitri.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Knitting - according to Aqiel

This evening Aqiel made a comic about knitting.

The picture above said :

Ibu's vevorite sudjet is niting ---- Ibu's favorite subject is knitting.....

It said :

" aku ngapain yaaa....??? " ----- what should I do ?
Leter.... " Aku tahu.... niting...!!! ---- Later... I know...knitting....!!
Tapi saya tidak punya ----- but I don't have one

"Beli saja " ---- I will buy..

There is B B in the building, he means Bukit Bintang, he knows I usually buy my yarn and knitting stuff there.

Well, thank you Aqiel....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Finger knitting

Last few days my friends in Dinamic crochet milis talked about finger knitting.

Since my brother in law and his family were here I couldn't try it. So this evening when I checked my e-mail I was so courious.

I tried to do it with Lenny's instruction and using yarn from Yenny.

Wow... amazing.... it works....!!!

Thank you friends for this new 'ilmu'.

Flower brooch for friend

Mbak Haryati, a friend of mine will move to Saudi Arabia this week. I really want to give her one of my handmade. I planned to make a cable bag for her, but the time is too short, for me a week is not enough to make a bag ...*sigh...*

So I make these brooches for her. She wear jilbab so I hope it will fit with the jilbab.

Selamat jalan mbak Har, mudah mudahan ditempat yang baru mendapatkan yang lebih baik, sukses selalu.

I am gonna miss you.....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pineapple bag

Finally I can finish this bag. I plan to send the pattern for our book project, but seems need a bit correction.
I use orange cotton thread and bali blend one skein each.
Hook Tulip no 2 and a pair of wood handle - Surabaya product.

There are 3 part in this bag, bottom, pineapple and upper part.

And I put cotton fabric inside.