Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cereal Box Puppet

This is for Ahmed's assesment last week.
It's for English assessment, about drama. Students have to make puppet - any puppet - and create their own dialog and show it to class...
Parents need to assist in making the puppet.

I told Ahmed what if I make a rabbit or bear hand puppet from fabric or felt...?
He said no, he wanted puppet from cereal box, and it's about knight ... like his lego knight toys..

Alamaaak... ok my boy, ibu make these for you, promise me to speak loudly in class will you...?

So I made these puppet from cereal box, chop stick and for the hand I sew and make a knot so that he can move the hands .

So... please meet Sir Kentis and Lord Vladek...
*tapi kok jadinya kayak smack down gitu yaa...*


aystalaa craftshop said...

ibu kreatif...gak papa kayak smack down sing penting anaknya senenng ^_^

Anonymous said...

very clever,well done.