Thursday, March 17, 2011

Apple Cozy

Few days ago I was asked by someone if I knit Apple cozy...
Well I do not knit it but I can do something like this, It's crochet Apple Cozy

She ask if I could make it as a wedding gift, and of course I can...! I was so excited since those apple cozy are really cute and I want to accept her order so much...

But then, she cancel it... *sob..sob...*
It's OK, hope she will contact me again next time and order something...

I just want to share the pattern I made with you, maybe it's a bit different with another apple cozy like the one in Ravelry but I think it's work for me.

So.. just try it...
Sorry if my instruction confusing coz I rarely write pattern... Just contact me should you have something to ask

Apple cozy

For small size apple

Yarn : ICTS by Thata or Katun Bali by Tulip

Hook : 3,5mm

Make adjustable ring and 3 chain (count as 1 dc)

R1 : 9dc, joint in ring with sl st. (10dc)

R2 : 3ch, 2dc in each st joint with sl st (20dc)

R 3 : 3cd, 2dc in each st joint with sl st ( 40dc)

R4 : 3ch, 13 dc, 1 dc inc, 10 dc, 1 dc inc, 8dc, 1 dc inc, 5dc (43dc)

R5 : 1ch, sc in every st (43sc)

R6 : 1 ch, sc in every st, turn (do not joint with sl st, )

R7 : same as R6

R8 : 3ch, dc in every st, turn

R9 : same as R8

R10 & R 11 : same as R 6

R12 : same as R8

R 13, R14, R15 : same as R6. BO

For finishing : sc in every sc around, and make 15 chain for button, sl st and bind off

Sew the button and ready as a gift….


DiahRothman said...

Wow, lovely indeed.....

Hernik Widowati said...

thanks kak Diah... jom coba buat..

Linda said...

manis banget mbk ;)

needlenooodle said...

wow...lucu banget :)