Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am back

Well.. not really back.

I was just back from holiday last two week. We went to Jakarta and Pangkal Pinang (South Sumatera). It was just like our any other vacation when we back to 'kampung'. Visiting family and friends, going to the beach, shopping a little bit and check check our house in Pamulang.

It was so great that I can come to our 'mari merajut' meet out last month. I enjoyed it very much, met some new knit-crochet friends, talked about yarn and even hunting yarn to nearly closed market...!!! It was awesome.....

Now back in KL I still can not do much project. We have to move (again) this weekend so I am busy packing and everything....

I think the last thing to pack is this... my sewing machine. Or maybe I don't have to pack it, just put in my car and we going, since the new house is not too far.

But I manage to finish some project during these days.

Well, see you in our new house ....

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