Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue top

This project was started last April when I went to Beijing and finished last two week. But still need some trimming.

The pattern is from Japanese magazine, actually this is a combine of two pattern. I like the diamond pattern from chest down but I want to make it as tank top, so I combine with other pattern.

So sorry I don't know the name of the mag, since it is in japanese character, and the book is in the box already.

I use 6 balls of Katia Luna, colour 7205 and 4mm sircular needle.

So sorry for the photo.. I can not take my own pic in the mirror...


henny said...

I'm just blog walking and found yours. Nice blog. I'm glad to finally get someone's blog (are you Indonesian?) that similar (maybe) with mine. Hope we can be friends in 'art blogging' :)

alin0ne78 said...

heya hernik ..
just added ur blog in mine .. hope u do d same ..

i just learnt knitting n still trying to finish my baby's cardigan ..
aiyooo took so many time lorhhh

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Is beautifull your blog!!!
My name is Aldana. I am argentina but now I live in Spain
Do you want exchange a thimble with me?
Sorry but my english is so so


Tinn said...

nice vest... i'm wondering if i will be able to knit like that.. hmm...

tinn tinn.

Quayquilter said...

Interested to read your blog as I lived in KL for a year and enjoyed it - I used to visit the Cottage Patch shop opposite Ampang Point quite a lot. I like your quilt pictures a lot