Monday, April 16, 2007

Oleh oleh mudik

Visiting my hometown for 10 days.... wow...I discover that my mother's house is full of her crochet project. Yes... she is a crochet expert, she even sold them when I was a kid. And when I ask her how she did it ? where are the pattern ? she just said, I don't have pattern, I just do it.

She made many kind of stuff like cushion cover, doily, table runner, shawl, and this small 'kendi' cover. But now as she getting old she can not do crochet like she used to be.

But at least I still can found her masterpiece at home.

Here are some of them.....


Thata said...

Wiih ibunya mba nik hebat banget. Sebenernya kalo masih muda bisa jadi designer nih.... Kayaknya bakatnya nurun ke anaknya nih:)

Lenny Adziman said...

sugoii.. keren ya mba hasil karya mamahnya.. ga pake pola dan hasilnya rapi :D

yenny said...

like mother like daughther :)
wah keren deh beneran shawl pineapplenya..