Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 and some project from 2013

Whoaaa ... it's 2014 already..
Dan terakhir posting di blog ini di bulan oktober ... 

ok deh, these are some of what I've done in November which I have not post in this blog ...

Order from hubby ... 
coin purse, small one and putter cozy
Pakai kain Bali Batik sisa sisa project sebelumnya

This one is dress for sweet little girl, 3 or 4 years old maybe ..
The pattern is from Japanese book, polanya simple dan nampak nyaman dipakai.
Selalu penasaran sama pola pola Jepang yang simple dan nyaman 

This cute baby girl is Kayla, Grace's daughter 
Wearing pink crochet bandana I made for her

And these are Indian fabrics from my dear friend Elvira in India, they are so gorgeous .. Love the color and the pattern.. 
Thanks so so much Phiphi ..
And some crochet tools and yarn I order from India.

Last are small things I made from the scraps ..
A macaroon pouch, a tissue cover for car and a table runner.
All are using the scraps from my last project.
yaaa ... aku gak pernah buang kain sisa sisa project, minimal 2 x 2 inch tetep disimpan ...

Happy New Year ....

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