Thursday, November 27, 2008

PEPES AYAM ( Steam Chicken wrapped in banana leaves )

This November 'Masak Bareng' menu is Pepes Ayam or steamed chicken wrapped in banana leaves.

The event is hosted by Dheeta and friends.
I am not good at cooking but I tried to make this pepes my way, as I don't really know how to make it. But luckily my son like it. So here is the recipe...
Ingredients :
Chicken fillet
Banana Leaves
Daun Salam ( salam leaves)
Ground Spices :
Chili (optional) --- I don't use it
salt and sugar to taste
How to make :
- cut chicken in cubes, blend with the ground spices.
- Put 2 spoonfull of the chicken to banana leaves, add lemongrass and salam leaves
- Steam about 30 minutes and serve hot.
I grill the pepes after steamed to make it tastier.
You may serve it with sayur asam and since this pepes is for my children I do not add chili in it so I just serve with sambal belacan.



deeTha said...

aduh lengkap deh ama sayur asamnya...
enyak... enyak....

A.G said...

nah ini jg pake filet, yg gampang ya hihi.

Ada sayur asemnya.. tambah syeger banget :)..

Makasih ya udah ikutan :)